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ÚPS v Kroměříži

Guide with numerous photographs, historical pictures and plans, is dedicated to one of the most charming moravian castles. The Baroque building on the site of a renaissance water fortress, adapted at the beginning of the 19th century, boasts splendid and richly decorated interiors. These interiors present to visitors environment and the lifestyle of the leading noble moravian family Dubský of Třebomyslice. Rich collections, mainly made in the 19th century, include furniture, glass, porcelain, paintings, a rare historical photograps, collection of weapons, two libraries, items imported from the Orient and a remarkable collection of historical shooting targets. From June to September there is also the opportunity to visit a unique castle garden with a promenade colonnade and then the interior of the Sala Terrena. Part of the tour of the garden is also a visit to the orangery and castle gardening from the second half of the 19th century.

This publication is available also at Chateau Lysice.

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